Spirit Session youth become leaders and mentor young at-risk kids

If you’re looking for a way to support youth at risk, and can’t make the time available to be a mentor, we’d love to have you donate to help keep our programs running.

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*We respectfully request a minimum donation of $10.

What Your Donation Buys

  • $25 purchases surf logs and journals for all youth for 1 entire program.
  • $50 supplies one mentor or youth with a rashguard (surf shirt)
  • $100 pays the wages and benefits of 2 junior mentors (youth employees in our job training program) for one surf session.
  • $200 covers the cost of food and manuals for 10 mentors in 1 mentor training and orientation class.
  • $250 provides lunches and water for all mentors and youth for 1session.
  • $500 pays for all board rentals and food for 1 community service event where our teens mentor younger at-risk and grieving the loss of a parent or are autistic)
  • $1,500 Buys 2 long board surfboards to replace our old and damaged boards.


Mahalo for your support!!!